I love flat colors, good stories, rock and roll music, thin crust pizza, beer, the kinks, Stuart Davis, dogs, cats, Picasso, lizards, owls, bears, the desert, Alex Steinweiss, the Beatles, cheese, bread, ghost stories, the sun, coffee, Led Zeppelin, friends and family, eggs, Robert Pollard, water heaters, Jim Flora, air conditioning, Charley Harper, furnaces, fireplaces, the mountains, the forests, the birds of the air, the fish of the streams, the beasts of the land. And I love good metaphors. These are the ingredients in varying levels I try to put into my art. Because they are some of the things I love. I hope you do too.


Oklahoma City artist Matt Goad has been working professionally as a graphic designer and illustrator for over 20 years and venturing into the realm of paintings on canvas in 2007. Whimsical, geometric, simple and complex, his paintings of animals and nature draw inspiration from classic graphic design and pop art reproduction of the mid 20th century. The discovery of woodcut printing during college was a major turning point in Matt’s development of his illustration style he refers to as “chunkism,” utilizing stencils and acrylics to create a world where nature and geometry meet and have a baby.

current and future exhibitions


“Pop Art Surrealism”
March-April 2008
Oklahoma Contemporary: Oklahoma City, OK

“Funk the Funk”
August 2009
Line Gallery: Oklahoma City, OK

“Nature. Geometry. Love.”
October 2011
Dwelling Spaces, Tulsa OK

“Frequency Tests.”
August 2013
Dwelling Spaces / The Womb: Oklahoma City, OK

“Tread Lightly”
July 2013
OC University: Oklahoma City, OK

“Monkey Do.”
January 2014
Myriad Gardens Gallery: Oklahoma City, OK

“Outside the Lines, Too” Coloring Book Release Party
October 3, 2015
MOCA: Los Angeles, CA

“Urban Dwellers”
November 2016
Dual opening with Christie Owen
Verbode: Oklahoma City, OK

January 2017
Oklahoma Contemporary: Oklahoma City, OK

Matt Goad | 405.820.4623

Represented by Sunshine Gadbury

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