Whimsical, geometric, simple and complex, Goad’s work draws inspiration from nature and history to pull the viewer through a narrative with color and composition.

Who is Matt Goad?

Oklahoma artist Matt Goad began his art career while working as a graphic designer and illustrator in the mid 90s. Woodblock printing and it’s hard edged graphic aesthetic helped inform Goad’s modern style which he would take into the realm of paintings in the mid 2000s.

public work

Goad has been selected to design and oversee the permanent art installations of Terrazzo and etched glass for the Will Rogers World Airport expansion project.


I am always available to answer your questions about art, music commissions, shows, etc. Please complete to form and I will be in contact shortly.


Now available for purchase an array of art items from canvas prints to pillows. More coming soon.

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Public Work
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