who is matt goad?

Oklahoma artist Matt Goad began his art career while working as a graphic designer and illustrator in the mid 90s. Woodblock printing and its hard edged graphic aesthetic helped inform his modern style which he would take into the realm of paintings in the 2000’s. Passionate about color, composition and telling a story, his geometric approach pulls viewers through a compositional narrative. His work is easily accessible to the public and enjoyed by many, young, old, and across cultural identities. 

Matt’s work is included in many private and public collections around the world, and he’s been featured in numerous art and design publications, websites and documentary productions including Print, Communication Arts, PBS’s Gallery America, KFOR’s Is This a Great State or What, The Oklahoma Gazette, 405 and Luxiere to name a few. 

As a songwriter and musician Matt has written and recorded five albums with his former bands American Boyfriends and Feel Spectres. His home and studio are in a 1950’s ranch house in Oklahoma City. He drives a 1964 VW Beetle and is dad to two dogs, Tucker and Jackson.

Matt is currently represented by Objets Trouvés in Oklahoma City. 

portait mattstripes08B, Matt Goad

“Since I was two years old, I knew that one day I would be an artist. Growing up the son of a preacher our family moved across the US, almost yearly, eventually landing in the desert southwest. This experience gave me a unique perspective of the diverse nature and cultures of America. My main set of friends then were ones I created in my drawing notebooks. With an encouraging family and some notable teachers my love of creating art developed into a passion. Commercial graphic design was a stepping stone and a valuable one in that it helped me hone in on the graphic bold style I would carry into my illustration and eventually my fine art. I am a lover of nature, history, music, and great stories and I try to incorporate elements of these, to varying degrees, into each piece I create.” –Matt Goad, 2019

Current & Future Exhibitions

“Pop Art Surrealism”
March-April 2008
Oklahoma Contemporary: Oklahoma City, OK

“Funk the Funk”
August 2009
Line Gallery: Oklahoma City, OK

“Nature. Geometry. Love.”
October 2011
Dwelling Spaces, Tulsa OK

“Frequency Tests.”
August 2013
Dwelling Spaces / The Womb: Oklahoma City, OK

“Tread Lightly”
July 2013
OC University: Oklahoma City, OK

“Monkey Do.”
January 2014
Myriad Gardens Gallery: Oklahoma City, OK

“Outside the Lines, Too”
Coloring Book Release Party

October 3, 2015
MOCA: Los Angeles, CA

“Urban Dwellers”
November 2016
Dual opening with Christie Owen
Verbode: Oklahoma City, OK

January 2017
Oklahoma Contemporary: Oklahoma City, OK

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This is Matt Goad – Podcast from This Is Oklahoma

November 6, 2019

On this episode I sat down with artist Matt Goad. He began is art career in graphic design and illustration in the mid 90 to early 90’s. Woodblock printing and it’s hard edged graphic aesthetic helped inform Goad’s modern style which he would take into the realm of paintings in the mid 2000s. Passionate about color and composition his modern linear approach utilizes interlocking identifiable symbols and shapes in a compositional flow that pulls the viewer through a narrative. Whimsical, geometric, simple and complex, Goad’s work is easily accessible to the public and enjoyed by many, young and old, and across cultural identities.